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Why see Prof. Stanga?

Welcome To Our Practice Why See Prof. Stanga?Experience of over 31 years in Ophthalmology.

Diagnosis, Intravitreal Injections, Laser,  Surgery and Clinical Studies in the Private Sector only.

Retinal diagnosis and treatment using the latest world-class technologies and techniques

Technologies and techniques developed with Prof. Stanga’s input

Specialist experienced Retinal surgeon who is a pioneer in his field

Rigorous attention to detail: Consultant led and delivered with continuity of care

World class patient care: a handpicked team committed to delivering the highest possible standard of care

Research-based diagnosis and treatment: involved in continuous development of new and advanced technologies and procedures.

Instrumental in Retinal Imaging/Diagnosis, Prevention of Blindness in and Treatment of Age-related Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal Gene Therapy and Artificial Vision (Bionic Eye)

Treatments including:

At the London Vision Clinic Professor Stanga is running the following patient studies involving Advanced Dry AMD and Early/Intermediate AMD:

Gene Therapy Surgery and Anti-Complement Intravitreal Injections in Advanced Dry AMD with Geographic Atrophy Photo-Biomodulation light-therapy in Early/Intermediate AMD.

Our studies have all necessary Ethics Committee approvals and are Industry-sponsored and therefore at no cost to patients. Patients are also reimbursed for travel expenses (if enrolled and depending on the study).

Patients who are not keen in participating from Clinical Studies may be able to access some of these therapies on a self-paying basis when available and outside Clinical Studies.

Professor Stanga left the NHS after 21 years of service and the University of Manchester in 2019.

Since 1993 Professor Stanga has been involved in the development/application of new outpatient and surgical therapies & technologies; Principal Investigator (PI) on industry-sponsored trials and Scientific Advisor to commercial companies that develop pharmacological/surgical therapies, diagnostic/therapeutic equipment.

Up to date Good Clinical Practice certification. Licensed to practice Experimental Animal Lab Surgery.

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